Using FASTZach is Easy!


Easy "One Click" Sign On

  • Login to your FASTZach account by using the "One Click" sign in of Facebook or Google Account. 
  • Select "Create a Route" to generate a brand new route
  • Select "Saved Route" to use a previously created route or to view a route shared by friends, families or training groups


Location, Distance and Landmarks

  • Let FASTZach locate your current position or enter in an address/location where you want to begin
  • Enter your distance
  • Search for a landmark to explore - you can enter your own, or allow FASTZach to show you what is around (parks, trails, shopping, restaurants, monuments)


Generate, Edit, Begin Navigation

  • Select "Create Route" and within seconds FASTZach will provide you with a route
  • Select the "Edit" buttong and tap on the screen to remove markers and add your own.  
  • Shift direction and landmarks by dropping new pins along your route
  • Save your route, share it with friends via Text, Email & Social Media
  • Select "Begin Navigation" to experience Turn by Turn Voice Instructions

Let Us Show You How...

Press releases & Documents

FZ Release Press Release: Nov 2017 (pdf)


FASTZach Bookmark: Sept 2017 (pdf)


FASTZach Sell Sheet: Sept 2017 (pdf)